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February 19th, 2022

Booking availability will be up dated month to month.

January 2nd, 2022

As of December 19th 2021 I decided to close the doors on Anderson's Hidden Treasures Photography and take a step back, do some deep thought and decide what I wanted to do from there.  With Photography being my passion I didn't want to end my love of it and decided to rebrand and start over doing what I love. With that comes some big changes. First was the name, now Wendy Elizabeth Photography!

New ideas and a new way to do things.  

I would sit for hours editing up a gallery of images that may not be the same images that you would have picked. So I decided to go back to the way I once did it years ago and let everyone chose their own images for their gallery. You get the images you want, turn around time is faster because Im not having to spend extra time chosing them.  It may seem like the price is more but in reality it's not when you are getting what you want and not a lot of extra of what you dont want.  

Some sessions will now be customized pricing to fit your needs.

Easter Mini Sessions will start in March and then we will be booking for all other sessions following that.